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Anti Friction Coating
This range of Anti Friction Coatings is accessible in different formulation based choices. These coating materials are effective in reducing wear and friction of applied parts. Lubricating attributes of these products remain unchanged under different temperature conditions.
Aerosol Spray
Available in different composition based options, this array of Aerosol Sprays is suitable for domestic and industrial applications purpose. These are applied on electronic parts, contact components of machines, printed circuit board and control panels.
Gear Grease
This range of specially formulated Gear Greases is effective in preventing wear of applied components. These lubricants are suitable for transmission equipments that operate under heavy load. Long shelf life is one of their key aspects.
Anti Seize Compound
Provided Anti Seize Compounds are used to lubricate sprockets, chains, gears and rollers of different equipments. These products can be availed in moly, nickel and copper based formulation choices. Standard storage life and non toxic content are their key aspects.
This array of Cleaners has been formulated as per global norms. Composed of selected ingredients, these cleaning solutions are known for their non toxic content, accurate formulation and reasonable price.
Chain Oil
This array ofChain Oils is composed of synthetic base oils and additives. These industrial lubricants have 300 degree C flash point and less than -10 degree C pour point. Viscosity of these lubricants is 500 mm2/s at 40 degree C.
Value Lubricants
Available in spray based solution and grease forms, offered Value Lubricants are reckoned for their accurate formulation. These high performance lubricating solutions are also effective cleaning agents. These act as suitable corrosion inhibitors and prevent weathering of rubber sealing components.
Wetting Agent
Offered water soluble Wetting Agents have wide applications in leather processing, paper production, paints formulation and electroplating industries. These non ionic agents are totally free from caustic substance, abrasive materials and acids.
Gear Oil
Gear Oils are known for their stable thermal attributes and steady chemical properties. These are oxidation proof and have high viscosity level. Long storage life, accurate formulation and reasonable price are the key aspect of these lubricants.
Rust Preventive
This array of Rust Preventive sprays is offered in solvent based, water displacement based and wax based specifications. Formulated under controlled temperature, these substances have huge demand in national and global business domain.
Anti Track Compound
Anti Track Compounds are known for their current leakage protection capacity, good dielectric strength and unique arc resistant attributes. These are chemical and moisture proof. Offered compounds are applied on armature, switchboard parts and also for other electrical products.
Red Insulating Varnish
Red Insulating Varnishes are known for their excellent varnishing attributes and good dielectric strength. These varnishes are completely protected against current leakage and good arc resistant feature. These are suitable for bus bars, motor case interior and switchboard parts.

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